Blueberries Could Prevent Cancer and Diabetes?

Blueberry has long been known to contain a great antioxidant called resveratol. This antioxidant is not only healthy, but also able to help prevent cancer. Other than resveratol, blueberries also menangudung other substances which can help to lower the amount of fat and reduce the risk of diabetes. The substance is called pterostilbene. This substance is one of the types of chemical substances like resveratol which is also found in other fruits such as cranberries and grapes. However, many are still not seemingly pterostilbene is examined.
The Role Of Pterostilbene In Blueberries

Blueberries Could Prevent Cancer and Diabetes?

Blueberries Could Prevent Cancer and Diabetes?
Research on blueberry fruit is carried out by the Carlos III Institute of Health and found that pterostilbene had a very small size and can penetrate cell membranes of cancer cells. In addition these substances can also cause the death of cancer cells. Pterostilbene is known to also can make cancer cells become increasingly weak by the way prevent it to produce energy. This info ace maxs 

Benefits of pterostilbene is not just that alone. Recent research suggests that this substance can also prevent diabetes and obesity, as well as protect the heart. The researchers found that the substance is pterostilbene can increase fat oxidation on lever and also reduce fat synthesis on the network. This process will trigger a reduction in body fat.

While other research published in the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition found the same thing where pterostilbene can help protect cells of the pancreas that is in beta. This beta cell function control insulin levels and keeping it stable. It will ultimately prevent insulin resistance who became a trigger type 2 diabetes.

Pterostilbene is known can also prevent hardening of the arteries that can trigger a heart attack. In addition, these substances can also help improve the effectiveness of HIV drugs. However, to date still seems rarely examined pterostilbene and requires many more experiments to find out other health potential.

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