types of cholesterol in the blood

In the body , there are two types of cholesterol . Both types of cholesterol is LDL and HDL . Each consisting of cholesterol , protein , and triglycerides .

In any kind of cholesterol , the composition of these components have different levels . Let us identify the two types of cholesterol and see the difference respectively .

Types of cholesterol in the blood

types of cholesterol in the blood

LDL ( Low Density Lipoprotein )
In terms of composition , rich LDL cholesterol compared with other components such as proteins and triglycerides . LDL is often referred to as bad cholesterol , because cholesterol and high fat and concentrated it will cause sticking of cholesterol in the blood vessel walls when the transport is done .

Cholesterol is attached to it over time will accumulate and settle into a kind of plaque on the walls of the blood vessels that causes constriction of blood vessels .

This condition is called atherosclerosis . As a result , channel blood circulation and oxygen supply is disrupted and can increase the risk of stroke and heart disease .

HDL (High Density Lipoprotein)
HDL or good cholesterol, known as protein content than any other cholesterol components. HDL is thirsty for cholesterol molecule. While circulating in the bloodstream, HDL absorbs excess cholesterol carried by LDL and bring it back to the liver to be parsed. Liver cholesterol outlines and throw it into the gallbladder.

Carrying excess cholesterol carried by LDL earlier, the HDL helps prevent and reduce the formation of plaque deposition in blood vessels of course risk disrupting the circulatory system and harm the body. That is why, HDL cholesterol was mentioned as well.

Approximately 80% of total cholesterol found in the body is produced naturally by the liver. The rest, filled of daily food consumption. Generally, the cholesterol found in foods of animal origin. Meat, eggs, and dairy products all contain cholesterol. On the other hand, foods derived from plants free of cholesterol. The more a person eating foods high in cholesterol, the higher the increase cholesterol levels that occur in the body.

Most of the cholesterol that we eat will end up in the liver. Typically, while the cholesterol we eat into the liver, the liver will process and reduce the production of cholesterol itself. This keeps the overall amount of cholesterol in the blood is not changed.

However, what if our diet contains so much cholesterol that can not be immediately processed by the liver? This increases the chances of cholesterol in the cells directly into the arterial wall. When this happens, there will be a process of atherosclerosis. This situation is obviously very dangerous and risky. Therefore, reducing your cholesterol consumption is a wise move.


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